Look up here, I’m in heaven!

Jareth The Goblin King set me on the path to Neutral Evil at a very young age, and today I feel like I lost a friend.

And we’re off!!

TL;DR: We’re off on our annual road trip to the sunshine state, and we hope to catch sight of a rocket launch.

Thankful Throughout: Day 10 – OTC Medication

Thankful our access to DIY healthcare. Yes of course I am thankful to have access to actual healthcare. Doctors, hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care facilities, 911, ambulances, fire trucks all that. But on a smaller scale, I am grateful to live in a world where...

Thankful Throughout: Day 7 – Visual Distractions

Despite it’s destructive power and the dumbing down of my generation, I am thankful to have television and movies to get lost in, effectively shutting my brain off for a few hours when I need to.

Thankful Throughout: Day 6 – APPLES!!!!!

Thankful for apples. My favourite fruit. They’re delicious. They’re good for you. And acquiring fresh apples from The Hamptons every year has become a tradition for us. I love a good road trip. So to take a mini, 90 minute road trip a few times every...

Thankful Throughout: Day 1 – Strong, resilient people

I am thankful for today is the number of young folks in my life; specifically ladies, keeping their households running and holding their lives together no matter how hard it tries to get away from us.

Taking Stock


I am loving life right now and will be making a list of things I am thankful for every day for as long as I can. Care to join me?

Camo Claws

My camouflage manicure took a bit of a beating before I could post them, but I think it only makes it better, don’t you?

Island Noodles

Day 2 into post ROTR withdrawal and I am still craving chicken teriyaki & noodles.

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