Thankful for good TV and great movies that I can get lost in.

Sounds like a pretty vapid thing to be thankful for, but it’s quite the opposite, I promise!

For the longest time House Phoenixx had no TV in the bedroom. Bedrooms are for beds. Beds are for sleeping.

BUT then came the early morning radio shifts. Early morning in radio means Mr. Phoenixx reporting to work at 3am; leaving me on my own to do responsible things like eat food and go to bed. *yeah right*

In addition to the glitterweb, I have ridiculous alpha senses. I have hearing like a bat. I think I inherited it from my grandfather. Our bedroom windows face other folks’ back yards, and on the other side of that a quiet side street. Or at least quiet to normal humans. Me? trying to lay down and go to sleep, I am hearing the conversations of people walking down the street, folks in their family rooms watching TV or talking on the phone. . .. . .

Have you ever seen Stir of Echoes? The little kid. . .who can hear everything. . . .all the time? Imagine that.

So we caved, and put a tv in the bedroom. So I can have just one source of ambient noise to zone out to. Zoning out is often painted as a bad thing. But it’s necessary when you have 36 lines of thought going in different directions. . . and 36 little branches of ideas branching off of those 36 thoughts. . . .I mean, that’s math I can’t even DO!

Earlier this year we went to The Marvel Marathon. all 11 movies, in order, leading up to the release of Age Of Ultron.MarvelMarathon It was a fantastic experience. (albeit one I don’t need to experience again!) It was so much fun to get lost in 29 hours of superheroes and explosions!! There was an hour long break sometime in the morning, so we took a walk through Central Park. (I’d post a pic, but we were about 12 hours in by then and nobody needs to see that! Here’s the best I can do for ya)

I didn’t realize how unplugged my brain was, until about 59th street, midway through the park. I just started right in the middle of a conversation I’d been having silently in my head: if we start testing the loose shadow now, we can get feedback on staying power in the chilly-ish, clammy Spring weather, heat and humidity at the height of Summer, and by the time Autumn rolls around we’ll have made adjustments and we’ll be ready to go for the holidays! Hubz just looked at me like. . . .wut? I didn’t even realize I was doing it!

I know I know, TV rots your brain!!! And yes, I am the first one to complain about how reality tv is a cultural cancer. But like fire, lasers, and nitroglycerin, if used correctly and in small doses, tv and movies are incredibly useful.

So to be able to flip on the tele, and switch off my brain for a few hours whenever I need to just tune out reality

I am thankful.