Thankful for the spontaneous streak in my DNA and the way it resonates with the wacky folks around me.

As I’ve mentioned, I am thankful for my proximity to the madness of NYC, and the serenity of the Atlantic ocean. However, all of that would be useless without the desire to explore it, all of it.. . . .and the time. Which I never seem to have. Well, you know what they say: if it’s important enough, we make time. So I do.

I am a terrible “Type A”, and a tumultuous Aries at best. I hate planning, and I hate right angles. I basically have a running list of things I want to do someday, and when the mood strikes, if I have just enough time to cross one off, and can spare the lack of sleep. . .I just go for it! I am lucky enough to have an amazing husband, and a spectacular set of friends who are just as random and off kilter as I am. All it takes is for one of us to say “Hey, we should just **** right now”; the rest of us do a little mental calculation:

(Time/Distance to Random Thing) – (Sleep * Tomorrow’s Responsibilities) = Yes or No to Random Thing

I love it. I love every crazy minute of it!

It’s how we wound up on the Brooklyn Bridge in the middle of a wpid-repost_temp.pngbirthday party.

It’s how we wound up in Philly at 2am because we realized we’d never had a real Philly cheesesteak.

It’s how we wound up at the Marvel Marathon!

Why we spent six weeks in Miami living on an unoccupied floor of a beachfront hotel.

It’s how we wound up in Washington DC at 5 in the morning on a Friday, because at 10pm on Thursday, I said I’d never seen the Cherry Blossoms  in our nation’s capital for my birthday.

Sidenote: DC is not a place you daytrip to from NYC. We fell asleep in the park across from the White House and it took us about 6 hours to get home because we kept stopping to nap! BUT, we vowed to go back and spend more time (on more sleep!!) and now we have a beautiful tradition of spending a few days watching a city we love spring into bloom in many shades of my favourite colour :-) 

2010-04-02 12.40.19

Instead of planning the perfect trip, we just go where we can, when we can, and if we want more, we go back. For this freedom, randomness & spontaneity; I am thankful.